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Fall in Montreal

Le 19 octobre 2015, 02:22 dans Voyage 0

You gotta love fall in Montreal! I am telling you. Watching all the trees evolve into a patchwork of red, green, yellow, orange and pink leaves, you can’t help but smile about it. The air starts to cool down and is crisp. You find yourself starting to wear socks at home and never go out without your scarf even though you always have your sunglasses with you (must needed here!). This is the time I decided to climb to the top of Mount Royal which is a large hill in the city of Montreal,...

My blog is born!

Le 6 octobre 2015, 02:40 dans Lifestyle 0

Hello Beautiful people! So it was about time! After the first (failed) attempt to launch my blog in September, I am officially doing it today or should I say tonight since it is currently 11pm here in Montreal! Now what? Well, I am going to start blogging about all the things that I love (or not!) mainly about my expat life! Why did I choose to blog? The answer is really simple, I love sharing and connecting with people, I am very social. In fact, I work as a full-time executive assistant in...