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Where I’ve been?

Le 21 January 2016, 18:34 dans Lifestyle 0

So, I have not been really good at keeping my blog alive and up to date lately even though I was quite present on Instagram, which is the place you can always find me, so do not hesitate to follow me there! A lot have happened since 2 months and I owe you some explanations. First of all, let me wish you a fantastic year 2016 full of happiness, health, love and money! May you have everything you desire. Ok so I left you after writing that post about what happened in Paris last November! After...

On a cold friday night of november 2015

Le 19 November 2015, 06:11 dans Lifestyle 1

It was an usual friday night. I came home from work, took a warm shower, prepared a nice meal for myself and went onto my Facebook account. A post got my attention. It was about a terrorist attack. Not something that is really rare nowadays unfortunately but I quickly realized that this one had just happen in Paris! In my home country! In the city I used to work before moving here in Montreal. I grabbed my TV remote and put on CNN International. I went back and noticed that Facebook had...

My 10 Favorite Inspirational Quotes of All Time

Le 12 November 2015, 02:46 dans Lifestyle 2

I don’t know for you but when I go through hard times, what helps me the most to overcome these difficult moments that we all have at some point in our lives whether it is about health issues, professional disappointments, family related matters or even personal struggles, is reading and looking for inspirational quotes to basically make a sense of all the nonsense in our lives. There’s something magical about reading inspirational quotes. They definitely do not give us the...

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